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MOVE Fest Ostrava 2023 through the eyes of Duncan Center students

This year, as part of connecting the upcoming generation of pefomers with the reality of the current scene, we offered students of several conservatories and universities the opportunity to participate in the MOVE Fest Ostrava 2023 program completely free of charge. We believe that such support of young talents is needed and will soon return to us in the form of enthusiastic dancers, but perhaps also choreographers or creators in other equally important positions.

One of those who took advantage of this opportunity were the students of the Prague Conservatory Duncan centre. During the festival week in Ostrava, they watched several performances with their "future colleagues", took part in movement workshops led by their idols from the professional scene and (not only) had the opportunity to ask questions and share their observations during discussions.

The meeting of students from DC with students from VŠMU, who performed as part of an impressive evening dedicated to young talents, was unique and enormously enriching both for us and especially for the students themselves Fresh dance. During the debate after this Thursday's program, a friendly debate took place between the two groups full of inquisitive comparison, debriefing and friendly sharing.

Duncan center students themselves commented on their participation in MOVE Fest as follows:

"It is very important in the dance industry to make contacts that can open new doors and opportunities later. That's what happened at Movefest. The possibility of meeting people from the dance sphere and insight into the processes of international dancers and their creations. Through various workshops, after the performance the following discussion with the creators. We agreed that it was rewarding to see the dancers up close, as it is more challenging in a regular theater environment. We are grateful for this experience. MOVE Fest rules!"

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