Jana Ryslava, Jindrich Pansky. Photo: Víťa Ramba

Performance annotation

Enjoy the day. But what if the carpet appeared insidiously that day? Or two? What about them? Jana Ryšlavá and Jindřich Panský decided to try it. Because enjoying every moment in life is not as easy as the gurus from the books with laughing people on the cover tell us, and what you enjoy from the beginning can become a notorious stick under your feet. Will you cross it with a smile or will you fall and swear? Or can you fall with a smile on your face? Hmm ...?


Jana Ryslava, Jindrich Pansky. Photo: Petr Kiška

Implementation team

Choreography, theme and wrestling with carpets: Jana Ryšlavá, Jindřich Panský

Directing and placing carpets at the right time in the wrong place: Jiří Hajdyla

Music conjures up from silence: Marcela Kučová

A red carpet lights up the red carpet: Pavel Vitt

Production: Cultural center Cooltour Ostrava z.ú.

P Remier 22nd 06th 2017 CoolTour, Ostrava

The performance was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Statutory City of Ostrava and the Life of an Artist Foundation. We thank the sponsors and partners, we would not be without them.


Marcela Kučová, Jana Ryšlavá, Jindřich Panský. Photo: Vít Ramba

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