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Fear is a basic emotion that has a protective function. It has helped us survive for millions of years. 

However, in modern times, we are often exposed to situations in which the evolutionarily hardwired freeze-fight-flight reactions are not functional. We thus remain trapped in the inner maze of our fears, lost, disconnected, bombarded by bodily reactions without the possibility of adequate action.

How else is it possible to deal with fear? Is it possible to use it? Could it even be the driving force behind an important life change? And what is needed for such a transformation of fear to take place? What happens when we turn and look into his eyes? 


Using the body in motion, lived experience and available knowledge, especially from the field of psychology and neuroscience, the performative lecture The Breaking Point explores the layers and spaces of fear and the processes associated with it. It is inviting the viewer into the role of researcher and (self) researched in a dialogue with (his) fear.

The team

Concept and performance: Jana Ryšlavá (CZ), MUDr. Iveta Koblic Zedková (SK)

Music: Marcela Kučová (CZ) 


Supported from public sources by Fond na podporu umenia. Furthermore, the project was created with support of Nová síť z.s., Ministry of Culture of the Czech RepublicEEA Grants, State fund of culture and Slovak culture center Kulturfabrik Tabačka.


PHOTO: Kamil Hauptmann,

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Logostrip Bod obratu.png
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