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How not to be a shoemaker's barefoot child in a project about well-being in a cultural environment

Some of you may know that we have been a proud member of the international program for over 2 years now The Penguin Project, which focuses on improving working conditions and well-being in creative and cultural environments. As part of the development of this project, it took place in September 2023 in the Czech Republic, specifically in the beautiful and inspiring environment of the new residential center Cabin studio in Pečice near Mladá Boleslav, a residence focused on the integration of movement therapy principles.

The project was initiated by Shawn Antoni Wright and Florian Landstädter from the cultural center Die Bäckerei in Innsbruck as early as 2021. Now the so-called Train The Trainer Program, during which a quartet of "trainers" shares its experience and know-how with 11 personalities from the cultural sphere from all over Europe to help them cultivate and advance the cultural environment in their countries.

MOVE Ostrava adds the aspect of body and movement to the project. And it was the movement part that was addressed by the four creators - Jana Ryšlavá, Iveta Zedková, Shawn A. Wright and Florian Lansdtädter during this five-day residency. Because as the founder of The Penguin Project, Floriana Länstater, says: "In order for work in culture and other industries to be sustainable and fulfilling, you need to know yourself and your work environment and cultivate both sides." And it is the discovery of this knowledge and cultivation that is the content of the upcoming exercises that you will find in The Penguin Book .

The Penguin Project residency through the eyes of Jana & Florian

Why was the residency at Cabin studio important and what makes you most happy about The Penguin project?

Jana: It was great to share movement experiences and immediately see how we are gaining a common vocabulary and foundation. Thanks to him, many more people will be able to feel good in their bodies and take care of themselves and their cultural environment!

Florian: Our time in the Cabin Studio was very important for me because it enabled us to exclusively work on the project and thereby reach a working quality and depth that would never be possible in our normal working context. Equally important was having uninterrupted time as a project group to connect to each other and form deeper bonds.

The Penguin Project is held thanks to support from the Erasmus+. It's funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or OeAD-GmbH. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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