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Dance between Košice and Ostrava through the eyes of students

Slowly but surely we are counting down the days until the start of the 10th year MOVE Fest Ostrava and that brings us to a small a look back at our brother festival MOVE Fest Košice. It took place at the beginning of September, and thanks to the project "MOVE motivates students of movement fields using the know-how of successful professionals of the Moravian-Silesian Region", students of the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava also participated with their production DRIFT and students of the private conservatory in Košice.

And how did the students enjoy the festival? We asked Markéta Schacherlová, a student at the Janáček Conservatory, and Viktória Lacová, who studies at a private conservatory in Košice.

Was there something at the festival that you value, that you would like to experience again?

Markéta: There are several of these things, but the one I value the most is the large participation of foreign artists and connecting people through art.

Viktória: I liked the organizers' ideas like dancekaraoke, taste & share, shake it off and laughter yoga. I would like to participate in this festival again in the future.

What were the workshops and performances like?

Markéta: The workshops and performances I had the opportunity to attend and see were of a high standard and beneficial in several ways . At the same time, it was a very pleasant start to the new school year.

Viktória: I was part of a short performance of the Private Conservatory in Košice, for which Katarína Sninská prepared me and my classmates. Of all the performances, I saw one dance performance, DRIFT, which was danced by students from the Janáček Conservatory, choreographed by Benito Šoltýs.

Was there anything in a performance that you experienced for the first time? Did it move you in any way?

Markéta: Yes, specifically in the choreography of the Italian performer Elena Burani. I was blown away by the ease and elegance with which a joke can be delivered and still leave a meaningful thought behind. She combined several skills (such as singing, acting, dancing) into one work and the result was a unique experience full of emotions and enthusiasm. A wonderful example of how far I can push my own boundaries in creation.

Viktória: The show was pleasant to watch, I liked it a lot. Every observation of other dancers improves me as a dancer.

Was there anything that you experienced in the workshops as well?

Markéta: Here I also have to answer in the affirmative. We visited only two workshops, but both were great. And if there was something I experienced for the first time? At the workshop with Michael Fuscaldo, I learned how beautifully it is possible to work with emotions, how important they are for movement and how to use them. I think he offered us all an indescribable experience.

Viktória: Timea Szalontay welcomed us with an exercise where we had to beat our chests and say our names out loud. It was funny, since most of the participants did not know each other. Michael Fuscaldo created a short choreography with us based on our imposition and creativity. It was interesting to see the process of such work. It brought me a lot. I am grateful for all the memories and beautiful moments.

Did the festival bring you something new on a professional level?

Markéta: Certainly yes. Every such experience is good for a dancer. Seeing several completely different performances and choreographies brings a lot of inspiration and it's never enough!

Viktória: Move Fest Košice enriched me a lot from various points of view. I came with my classmates from the Private Conservatory in Košice and we were pleasantly surprised by the workshops led by Michael Fuscaldo and Tímea Szalontay. Each workshop is beneficial and useful for the dancer. These were focused on contemporary dance and improvisation, so I could learn something new from this sphere.

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