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Discover the program lineup for our younger but all the more curious audience.

Culture and the arts hold an irreplaceable place in each of our lives. Therefore, it is essential to foster a warm relationship with them from an early age, during which our interests, values, and sense of aesthetics are formed. For these very reasons, we have decided to emphasize the program lineup for our (youngest) viewers and their parents.


  • They support children's creativity and imagination.

  • They develop their ability to understand and express emotions.

  • They build a healthy relationship with their own body and physicality.

  • They inspire children in choosing their own leisure activities.

  • They offer interactive experiences that allow children to engage with and experience the story through their own senses.

  • Regular attendance at performances helps children develop a positive relationship with art and culture.

  • You will share a beautiful experience together in a completely new environment.

  • Tehy are usually language free.


The MOVE Ostrava program has been breaking boundaries for many years—both generational and genre-wise. That’s why we select performances for this "young audience" lineup that cater to a wide range of age groups and genres. In June, we will present the unique Norwegian project Rock Me Baby at the Ostrava Puppet Theatre, which is suitable even for newborns from 0 years old! Other summer projects will cater to preschool and school-aged children. In the 2024/2025 season, we are planning a collaboration with the Young Audience Club and schools based on the principles of creative learning. Currently, you can look forward to a new performance from this lineup at least once every two months.

However, children's performances at MOVE Ostrava don't mean boredom for parents! We also emphasize quality here, selecting projects that appeal to adults as well—be it through profound themes or thrilling stories. For example, while the playfulness and interactivity of the July performance Inventors will captivate the children, you will surely be impressed by their acrobatic feats.

We ensure a balanced mix of genres, so performances for young audiences include contemporary dance, physical theatre, and new circus, which form the fundamental pillars of contemporary performing arts.


On the eve of International Dance Day at the Ostrava Puppet Theatre, we will present a dreamy production by the Slovak Theatre Štúdio tanca from Banská Bystrica in two afternoon performances. In this movement performance, alongside professional dancers, children themselves take the stage and together with young dreamers, they will transport you to a land of fantasy where nothing is impossible.

In collaboration with the Tanec Praha festival, we are bringing a genuine Norwegian punk-rock concert titled Rock Me Baby to the Ostrava Puppet Theatre in June. But don't worry, extensive research on children's perception preceded the premiere, and the sound levels are set to ensure the safety of the youngest ears 😉

The final summer adventure for both little and big explorers is the aforementioned "Inventors," who will transform Černá louka into a place of exploration and discovery in mid-July. Will you join their new circus-inspired "inventing"?

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