It seems that unfortunately we will not meet in the Movement Studio at our regular exercise lessons that Friday. But even in these times, it is not good to neglect movement! Therefore, we have prepared several online lessons for you, which you can practice with before we meet again in full force.

You can choose from the menu below. Here you will find almost all genres that you are used to from Move Studio. After registering and paying for the lesson, you will receive a link to the video lesson, which is valid for 72 hours. This means that you can train as you wish for 3 days according to the video. Then it's time to buy a new lesson :)



Tereza Cigánková



Lucie Mičková Kovářová

Training # 1
# 2

Training # 3



Jana Ryšlavá



Barbora Vašků Kaufmannová



Lucie Mičková Kovářová

# 1 Back To Motion (30 min.)
# 2 Lower limbs (30 min.)
# 3 Back 1 (30 min.)
# 4 Back 2 (30 min.)

# 5 Feet 1 (30 min.)

# 6 Feet 2 (30 min.)

# 7 Deepening (30 min.)

# 8 Balance (30 min.)

# 9 Wall (30 min.)


● These are regular exercise lessons and workshops, for everyone who wants to move
● these are the best performances, circus, pantomime and much more from contemporary culture
● this is the space for your creative residence
● these are movement performances in our own production
● it is an international festival of dance, circus and physical theater Move Fest Ostrava

Move Ostrava is your space for movement. You can move with us in workshops from yoga to hanging acrobatics. You can move on your own when you rent our Move Studio or come to our creative residence. You can watch others move during the best performances of the current dance scene.

Move Ostrava is your opportunity to become an active MOVER or just a passive voyeur. We will give you the opportunity to develop, move, be inspired, have fun, get to know new ones, improve. Whether you are looking to stretch your stiff body, want to go beyond your comfort zone or you are a professional who wants to broaden your horizons at Move Studio, we are here for you.