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Workshop for dance critics and cultural managers in Ostrava!

Czech Dance News is announcing an open call for participation in workshops designed for art critics and editors specializing in dance, new circus, and physical theatre, as well as cultural managers and professionals in cultural organizations. And why are we telling you this? Because it will take place during this year's 10th edition of MOVE Fest Ostrava!

The workshops will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 6-7, under the guidance of journalist and founder of the Tanznetz platform, Nina Hümpel (DE), editor-in-chief of Dancing Times magazine, Jonathan Gray (UK), and critic Sanjoy Roy (UK), who has been writing about dance for over twenty years for Springback Magazine and other significant media.

The seminars will focus on sharing approaches to running specialized media, both in print and electronic formats. The main theme will be sustainability in terms of economic stability, human resources, and expanding the readership community.

The speakers will address participants with questions of sustainability, fundraising, sponsorship, content monetization, personnel stability, and the establishment of a system for remunerating the work of critics. Furthermore, attention will be given to the topic of print versus online media, the challenges and risks of transformation, and the specifics of the functioning of these forms. And the third scope will involve audience development and marketing, PR, and other strategies for increasing reader engagement.

A public panel discussion, "Echoes of Dance Critique in Regional Media," will take place on October 8th. In addition to the instructors, other professionals from the field of dance journalism and cultural PR will also be invited to the panel.

🇬🇧 The workshops will be conducted in English. A requirement for participation is the subsequent creation of a critical article for the website The article will be compensated.

❗️ The number of workshop participants is limited. Please apply by August 31st using the Google form:

🎫 Workshop participants will receive a free accreditation for MOVE Fest 2023. Participants who do not have a permanent residence in Ostrava will receive support for transportation and accommodation. We welcome the participation of authors from regions.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union through the National Recovery Plan.

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