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The year 2023 through the eyes of the MOVE team

The time for reflection has come for us as well, and we interviewed almost all members of the MOVE team. We asked them to go through this year's dynamic experiences and choose their highlight of 2023. Read on, and you will find out what MOVErs enjoyed the most and what they will cherish the most in their memories.

Jana: The most powerful moment for me was MOVE Fest - I am incredibly happy about the connections between people, projects, and initiatives that sparked there.

Furthermore, it was beautiful for me to observe the team and experience trust and support in moments when I couldn't be present.

Last but not least, I have a profound experience from the Greenlandic residency. There, I experienced feelings that are hard to describe.

Pavel: For me, the most powerful experience was the final tour of the performance "Brave New Life." I was part of the team from the beginning, the project made sense to me, and I enjoyed traveling to these shows a lot. It was just a heartfelt experience. Also, thanks to it, I met a lot of inspiring people!

Lucie: I am still fascinated that during the MOVE Festival, we managed to organize the final Roller Skate Party, including our own skate rental! It was a completely new thing we came up with, and it caught on wonderfully. The party brought together various groups of festival guests, and I believe everyone enjoyed it :)

Eliška: I remember most the Slovak band The Urge at the Kuří Rynk. It fascinated me to watch the audience, who were just passing by, being drawn in by the power and energy of the performance and couldn't tear themselves away until the end.

Terka: "Burden without weight!" The experience for me was the tightly-knit creative team. It was a challenge for me to observe them at their heights - I stepped out of my comfort zone a lot there. It was a tremendous joy to care for this fantastic team!

Vali: I most enjoyed the discussions, conversations, and sharing with professional artists, such as Markéta Pospíšilová - she truly enchanted me. I liked how the artists engaged with each other, showing genuine interest in exploring what others create and learning more about them. A fantastic informal opportunity to meet and get involved was the Sunday festival brunch.

Bára: The entire MOVE Fest and its incredible festival vibe thrilled me. I am very grateful for meeting some top-notch dancers, having the opportunity to talk to them, and seeing how they create and think.

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