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The Urge Grows through the eyes of Slovak viewers

The expanded version of the project Ceren Oran & Moving Borders: The Urge Grows has only had its second performance so far, on Friday, April 28 at Hlinkova náměstí in Žilina, Slovakia. And why was it an extended version? Because two groups of performers stood side by side here for almost a year - a Czech group in the production of MOVE Ostrava and a Slovak group in Tanečno production. Both then performed their perfectly synchronized choreography together and this connection perfectly underlined the main message of The Urge - "the need to share".

The Urge Grows in Žilina was a beautiful joint celebration of International Dance Day. Thanks to the Czech-Slovak connection, a very dynamic atmosphere reigned, random passers-by became interested spectators, and their support gave the performers the necessary dose of energy, adrenaline and a sense of belonging. Thank you Stanica Žilina-Zárečie for the wonderful opportunity and Marko Jančúch for the photos 💛

Stopping in the flow of city life, perceiving a live orchestra in connection with the movement of the dancers. An interweaving of events, expressed through movement, dance, and emotions. A wonderful experience and celebration of the International Dance Day. Thank you.” Adriana Hnitková

The UGRE GROW, which was created during the pandemic, completely got me, moved me.

The rawness of the street space revealed movement in detail, beautifully, minimalistic in maximum exposure. The energy of the dance and music had my full attention the entire time. Internally, I identified with the movement variations and some of the feelings I had during the isolation came back to me in my memories. THANK YOU 💗" Martina Zurovac

Thank you for a wonderful experience, it was really wonderful and magical! I really liked that it was outside and I realized that I want more dancing in public and in my life, so I will start going to more dance performances. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience. Martina

Photo: Marek Jančúch

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