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MOVE Fest has been taking care of our bodies and souls for 10 years

Did you know that MOVE Fest Ostrava is celebrating its 10th birthday this year? Yes, that's right, this international festival of dance, movement and new circus took place here for the first time in 2013 under the name City in motion under the banner of the Cooltour cultural center! Since then, MOVE Fest has had several Czech premieres, three site-specific projects, dozens of locations, hundreds of performers, thousands of visitors and liters of drunk wine at the "Dvě deci o tanci" debates about dance in cooperation with Dance news.

So what will the jubilee 10th year look like?

The most important thing at the beginning - the 10th grade means a return to the original autumn term. So mark in your calendars October 4 - October 8, 2023! As in the past, we will also revive several everyday and unusual places in Ostrava for culture. So you can look forward to MOVE Fest once again taking over theater halls, non-traditional industrial and public spaces.

The theme of the festival reflected in the program dramaturgy, the accompanying program and the festival visuals, this year we chose care - for your surroundings, your loved ones and yourself - and cultivation. We believe that these are values, which currently resonate not only in the cultural sphere, but also throughout society. Let yourself be embraced by movement at the 10th MOVE Fest and take care of your body and soul with us ❤︎

When two do the same thing, it is not the same thing

The audience can convince themselves of this universal truth with the festival line of 4 versions of the performative project The Urge from Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th October. Thanks to it, visitors will have the opportunity to watch this moving outdoor performance performed by 3 different dance groups from 3 different countries at 3 different locations over three days. On the fourth day, their unique combination will take place in one big joint performance The Urge Grows. Thanks to this line, the audience will get to know 4 places in Ostrava in a way they don't know them - interwoven with movement, dance, live music and art as a form of care for one's surroundings and its cultivation.

  • On Wednesday, October 4, Czech performers will perform their piece at Alšovo náměstí in Poruba,

  • on Thursday 5 October, the original version will be performed in Dolní Vítkovice by the original German cast, in which this project was created in 2021,

  • on Friday 6 October Slovak dancers and The Urge will take over Jiráskovo náměstí

  • and on Saturday 7 October all 3 groups will perform together in front of the Karolina Forum in a joint presentation The Urge Grows and show viewers the fascinating, contagious and inspiring power of collaboration and sharing!

Care is also getting to know your roots and returning to them

That is why during MOVE Fest (not only this year) we are very happy to bring back to Ostrava performers and creators, who started their professional and life journey from there a few years ago. This year it is a former soloist of the Moravian-Silesian National Theater, now a freelance dancer Markéta Pospíšilová and actor and musician Igor Orozovič in the premiere of a new project by choreographer Asier Edeso THE CHOICE o desire and desire to make the right decisions. Let's be together at the first step of this artistic group into the field of independent creation on Wednesday, October 4 at the Poklad House of Culture.

Since we are convinced that our next generation also needs care and help on their way up, the idea of supporting the Ostrava roots is followed up on Thursday by a program of composed evenings with the eloquent name Fresh dance. It will give an opportunity to young promising creators of performative art. Nela Rusková - a graduate of the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, now a student at VŠMU, dancer and choreographer - will present her latest work here in person.

Care is humor and perspective

With a large supply of both, the Slovak group Neskóry zber will come to this year's MOVE Fest with their production Matter. For the first time in Ostrava, Daniel Raček and Anna Sedláčková will present the overall concept of this project, including the live input of choreographer Dáša Čiripová, who turns this performative duet into a performance that vibrates your diaphragm and nourishes your mind and body from the inside.

Site-specific will!

What kind of annual festival would it be without a traditional movement site-specific project, i.e. a performance that will be created directly during the festival in a custom-selected non-traditional space with a group of young dancers and creators? Yes, it will be this year too! Its creation will be undertaken by the Finnish director and aerialist Ilona Jäntti (this year at Letní Letná she premiered the performance Crossing, on which she collaborated with Eliška Brtnicka, which you could see at MOVE Fest 2021) and Šárka Bočková - a performer with Ostrava roots performing for example with Cirk La Putyka. During a week of intensive rehearsals with dancers selected through an open call, the two authors will use the genius loci of one of Ostrava's industrial icons and create a production together Burden without weight, which viewers will be able to watch only in one afternoon (Sunday, October 8) and in one evening (Friday, October 6) launch.

Care as energy sharing

What happens when five dancers representing the five natural elements meet on the dance stage? This will reveal you the Saturday performance Tetsu inspired by the Chinese way of working with energy. Come see for yourself that every bit of energy we expend as an individual is multiplied to incredible proportions in the group and community.

Party is also care!

Saturday's early evening will belong to the aforementioned spectacular combination of 3 dance groups in the performance of The Urge Grows in front of the Nová Karolina Forum, but that's not all. The ten-year festival anniversary deserves a proper celebration, and how else should a dance festival be celebrated than with movement! That's why we are preparing a real Roller Skate Party at the nearby Trojhalí Karolina on Saturday evening. /em>! There will be a DJ, a skating workshop and a super fun karaoke equivalent - danceoke. Time spent having fun together is one of the best forms of care. Don't you think?

Care is understanding

The ten festival performances will be complemented by an accompanying program with movement workshops, a photo exhibition for the ten-year anniversary or popular debates Two children about dance led by female editors Dance news. In cooperation with them, the workshop Sustainability of dance media will also take place during MOVE Fest >, to which you can still log in here.

All lovers of dance and culture, as well as those of you who have never been to it before, are cordially invited to the festival. Movement is a language that you don't have to understand, you just have to let it affect you. This is also why this year, for the first time, you can get festival tickets purchase via Pay What You Can and you can choose according to your options which amount you will pay for the show from the five offered options. We look forward to seeing you!

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