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Brave New Life through the eyes of the Jihlavans

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, one of the trips of the Brave New Life project took place to Czech regions, specifically to Jihlava. The performance took place in the local DIOD and the audience created an incredible atmosphere here. Some of them even shared their feelings with us.

What is the performance Brave New Life like through the eyes of the Jihlavans?

It was a dynamic, gradating and, in the pre-election period, very topical performance. The audience was also intensively drawn into the story by the lighting effects and live music. The connection of four completely different actors brought interesting tension to the performance. I left with many suggestions for reflection." (Katarina)

I am glad that the DIOD theater offers Jihlava audiences contemporary dance and performance art. On Thursday, I had the opportunity to see the co-produced Czech-Slovak show Brave New Life, which deals with very current topics. Thank you for an interesting artistic evening!" (Denise)

Thanks to Move Ostrava and Košická Trafačka for a captivating performance with such a topical theme. The search for truth absorbed us at Diod... (Klára)

Brave New Life was a performance that attacked all the senses. It was an incredible experience, but it was not at all easy to absorb during the performance. You had to fully concentrate to be able to perceive the individual nuances, the story and the work with sound . The movement energized the whole performance. I really appreciate the light and shadow work, when the actors famously used shadow to add mystery or light to portray the perfect emotion on the face." (Tomas)

The tour was supported from public sources by the Art Support Fund.

Photo: Adam Hruška

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