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Stop for a moment on your way through the city in a unique, colorful forest. Woods , somewhere on the border between dance, performance and visual art, invites us to look at the burning contemporary issues of climate change and life in our society in a creative and poetic way. All this from a new point of view, literally "upside down". Female performers from Brazil, Portugal and Slovenia, together with participants from the general public, turn into shapely trees. How long can he stand on his head? And how long will our forests survive?

Woods  from the creative workshop of Clarice Lima & co. is not just a movement performance. It is a call for dialogue about contemporary society and climate change. The need to give an answer to a world that calls for change. Because there is no planet B. The whole project is driven by solidarity and empathy. Performers of different ages, nationalities and genders form a unified forest of shapely trees, the strength of which lies in their diversity and mutual support.

We-nature can do it together. Stop making wars. Start planting trees!


We are looking for all those who practice headstand - students of dance, yoga, hip hop, capoeira, gymnastics, new circus, etc., of any gender or ethnicity  – let our forest be as colorful as possible!

At the two-day workshop , we will try the headstand, get to know the piece and study the choreography. We will share different techniques and support each other and help each other to act as one team - in the fight against inhospitable concrete, the loss of nature, climate change and disappearing forests.

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31. 5. + 1.6. 2022 | 9:30 - 13:30 | workshop (centre of Ostrava) 
6/2/2022 | 15:00 | public presentation in  neighborhood  cafés Elektra
6/2/2022 | 18:00 | public presentation in front of the Dock


  • By registering, you confirm your interest in the time  options   in the period 5/31 - 6/2/2022.

  • Completion of the workshop is a condition for participation in the public presentation.

  • Participation in the project is symbolically honored. In addition, you will receive 1 ticket to a performance from the year-round dramaturgy of MOVE Ostrava.

  • The workshop is conducted in   English.

The project is part  Big Pulse Dance Alliance  - cooperation of 12 European festivals and Woods spring tour (Lithuania - Sweden - Czech Republic - Great Britain). The project is supported by  Perform Europe  a  Creative Europe .

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