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MOVEment intensive | winter 2024


hb dance, Generála Janka 3, Ostrava 



FRIDAY 1. 3. 2024

18:00 - 20:30 Katarína Matúšová: MOVEMENT I

SATURDAY 2. 3. 2024

9:30 - 12:00 Katarína Matúšová: MOVEMENT II

12:15 - 13:45 Daniel Raček: CONTEMPORARY DANCE

14:00 - 16:30 Katarína Matúšová: MOVEMENT III
16:45 - 18:15 Jana Ryšlavá, Daniel Raček: PARTNERING
18:30 - 20:00 Jana Ryšlavá: YOGA


SUNDAY 3. 3. 2024

10:00-11:30 Jana Ryšlavá: YOGA

11:45 - 13:15 Daniel Raček: CONTEMPORARY DANCE








Katarína Matúšová has prepared for you 3 lessons of complex movement. Her approach is typical for its spontaneity, animality and testing the viability of the human body. The content of the lessons is based on contemporary approaches to dance and the Fighting Monkeys Practice method, which Katarína is currently studying under the guidance of Jozef Fruček.

Lessons are designed to everyone who wants to discover and advance the possibilities of their body and mind. It will significantly expand the movement repertoire for theater and dance professionals, and it will deepen the relationship and communication with one's own body for laymen and movement enthusiasts.

Each lesson will focus on one of the approaches below, but for the most comprehensive experience, it is recommended to participate in all three.

  • Articulation of the joints serves as exercise hygiene and injury prevention. During it, you will learn to map your body in detail, get to know its architecture and test the level of stress on your joints.

  • Floor work includes active work of the body in relation to the floor, develops coordination and movement patterns and principles supporting the quality of movement on the floor.

  • Body coordination and rhythm by developing the space between the joints and their mutual connection. Through coordination, we not only test learning strategies, but also challenge and improve our ability to be rhythmic and coordinated in our lives. By coordinating, we stabilize multidirectional forces in different planes, improve cognitive complexity and physical fatigue. Without proper coordination and rhythm, we cannot move in the world.

  • Improvisation supports the development of movement vocabulary and creative thinking. Through improvisation we are in a constant process of discovering who we are, in a constant process of our evolution.

  • Movement games/situations allow us to handle challenges in relation to the external environment. It teaches us to look for solutions in dialogue, to adapt, to discover.



M.Sc. Art. Katarína Matúšová is a dance teacher, artist and choreographer. In his movement and dance practice, she devotes herself research training methods and movement approaches in the field of contemporary dance, movement and creation. She graduated from the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She expanded her experience by studying at the University of the Arts in Vienna, completed an international dance program in New York and also in Porto, Portugal at Companhia Instavel, where she studied dance composition and interpretation. Thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, she spent 9 months at Movement Research in New York, researching contemporary approaches to the body, dance and movement, as well as comparing dance education in the US with her home country and European trends.


Katarína is the founder and leader of the artistic collectiveMove-you o.z., which focuses on original creations and educational programs in the field of contemporary dance art.

He is currently developing and enriching his education through a mentorship program led by Jozef Fruček (Fighting Monkeys, RootlessRoot), looking for a universal physical language applicable in movement, dance and other sports disciplines that will improve the body's intelligence and sensitivity as well as its physical readiness.

She works as a dance teacher at Slovak conservatories, and as a performer she has appeared in theater projects in Slovakia and abroad. He is currently actively engaged in the development of his own author's projects in cooperation with other artistic collectives and institutions. She likes to travel to get inspiration, learn and share experiences about life, art, movement and sport.


During his lessons of Contemporary Dance Slovak performance art matador Daniel Raček will share with you short movement phrases based on basic principles of inverted body positions, especially with the release of the shoulder joints and the correct position of the skeletal system (alignment).

You will practice confidence in your own body during the lessons through simple exercises. The result will be work with different positions (stands on the shoulders, on the hands, on one hand, miller's wheels, shifts of the center of gravity) and their variants. You will then use this when practicing in open forms (improvised) with one or more partners.

The lesson is intended for intermediate or beginners, who already have experience with movement. We recommend comfortable clothes and drinks.


Dano Raček by Simona Babjaková.jpg

During his younghood Daniel Raček was fascinated by folk dance, its dynamism, spontaneity and social dances.

During almost 30 years in the field of contemporary dance, he collaborated with many Slovak and foreign directors and choreographers. He has long-term and intensive cooperation with Debris Company (Bratislava), RootlessRoot company (Athens) and Karen Foss Quiet Works (Oslo).

Since 2014, he has been working and teaching in the association Neskorý sber (Bratislava), whose work is characterized by open forms and progressive methods of creation and research. His creative-research projects go beyond the boundaries of science and art (quantum physics, embryology, geometry and architecture). In his teaching practice, he focuses on the principles of contemporary dance with a special focus on inverted body positions and modern partnerships.

In 2006, he was awarded the prize for the best performance in contemporary dance - Philip Morris/Kvet Baletu. He is a graduate of MFF UK and VŠMU in Bratislava.


Lesson of partnering with Jana Ryšlavá and Daniel Raček is built  in the spirit of movement and dance, focused on playfulness, the joy of body communication, capturing the moment and action and reaction. Dancers will refine finesse and focus on detail here, acroyogis will gain plasticity and a lot of new connecting elements to flow.

The lesson is not suitable for complete beginners, it is intended for bodies experienced with movement.


Bring to class: Comfortable clothes, rather long pants and sleeves, that does allow to move freely, no zippers and studs (and jewelry), drinks.

Enter the pad and find time just for yourself, your body and your mind. Lessons of hatha yoga with Jana Ryšlavá are focused on the breath and a slow warm-up and strengthening. In the middle part of the lesson, we will focus on rotations and positions supporting the function of the gallbladder, the correct function of which helps us get rid of unpleasant feelings. Together with the coming spring, it will help us wake up and revitalize the body.

The lesson is suitable for intermediate and beginners, who were already engaged in some kind of movement. For each asana, Jana presents an easier variant and also adds options for more difficult variants.

We recommend bringing your own mat and comfortable clothing that does allow to move freely, a blanket or a sweatshirt for final relaxation.


Jana Ryšlavá WS 2.jpeg

Jana Ryšlavá is a dance and movement teacher, performer and cultural manager in the field of movement arts.

She graduated  Experimental Academy of Dance in Salzburg and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. After internships in Finland and Norway, she returned to the Czech Republic and began to develop contemporary movement approaches while teaching at the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava.


Since 2014, he has been curating the movement platform MOVE Ostrava and the MOVE Fest festival, which can now be found in Ostrava, Košice and Valašské Meziříčí. 


The workshops will take place in the newly opened studio hb dance at Generála Janka 3, Ostrava-Marianske Hory.

The best way to get there is by trolleybus or bus to the stop Futureum. There are plenty of parking spaces nearby.

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