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Radoslav Piovarči, Paulína Šmatláková

7 PM

CHARON's dance-visual performance is inspiringpartner duet, which draws you into captivating images andcorner of the soul.  Not even Michal Paľek's original music will let you escape from this perfect atmosphere.


The story is based on an ancient fable about the relationship between the soul carrier Charon and the soul. Her knowledge, transformation and purification. Another theme that the show points to is the value of money and how deeply it is ingrained in each of us.

The second inspiration is Joseph Campbell's thesis that talks aboutmythology as a force capable of forming moral systems. The presentation of sound-painting ancient texts and their recomposition into a contemporary movement and musical work is a key aspect of the production. 


And what might the myth of the future look like?

Creative team

Radoslav Piovarči - concept, choreography, direction

Paulína Šmatláková - concept

Michal Paľko - music

Alexandra Rychtarčíková - dramaturgy, texts

Ján Čief, Michal Paľko, Radoslav Piovarči - scenography

Martin Kotúček - costumes

Ján Čief - lighting design

Radoslav Piovarči, Paulína Šmatláková, Michal Paľko - performers

Lukáš Matejka - video art

Ondrej Geče - production

Michal Heriban - graphic design of the poster

The introduction of the performance from public funds was supported by the Art Support Fund.

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