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Once again this year, MOVE Ostrava announces a residency program for Czech and foreign artists in the field of dance and other movement arts.

Don't miss your chance to create your masterpiece right in Ostrava!

Since 2014, we have provided dozens of residencies to artists who used our premises in various stages of the preparatory process, from the first searches for movement material to the completion of lighting and technical details . We are happy when residents return to us, either with the performance they worked on with us, at festivals or just because they love us and miss them. Some performers have loved our premises so much that they return regularly, sometimes several times a year. We also try to provide our residents with media space and mediate contacts to facilitate further communication and offer reruns of performances.

What we offer:

  • a cozy space for the beginnings of creative processes, especially for solos or duets . (Currently, we do not have a theater hall and theater equipment for the finalization of projects, but we are working on cooperation with the Ostrava stages for this part as well.)

  • 6.5 x 12 m MOVE Studio with mirrors, ballet floor, sound system and ballet bars

  • if necessary, we can provide an invitation letter, or other necessary things for grant applications, etc.

  • providing the necessary contacts

  • in case of interest, connection with the local scene

  • opportunity to attend MOVE Studio workshops

  • possibility of inclusion in the dramaturgy for the next year

What we require:

  • we usually require a workshop and a work in progress presentation , because we believe that residences are a great tool for the growth of the local creative scene and mutual influences are important, but of course the situation is governed by current regulations

  • placement of information on support from MOVE Ostrava on the performance materials

  • to offer the final performance after its completion for inclusion in the dramaturgy of MOVE Ostrava


Testing room:

  • Move Ostrava offers to its residence its Move Studio measuring 6.5 x 12 m with mirrors, ballet floor, sound system and ballet bars. There is a dressing room and showers.


  • Unfortunately, we do not have our own accommodation, but there are many options in the area, among which we will help you find the most suitable one.

Are you interested in a creative residency at Move Studio? Write us!

Thank you for submitting!

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