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May 11

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‼️ Dear dance lovers, due to the performer's sudden illness, we are forced to cancel Saturday's PLI performance 😔 We are very sorry, but we firmly believe that we will be able to bring this wonderful project to another date.

  The performance takes place in cooperation with the TANEC PRAHA 2022 festival.  

22 conference chairs, an obsessive rhythm and one determined man. The show, which straddles the border between installation, performance, dance and circus, shows in an entertaining way that even everyday objects can be transformed into incredible pieces of architecture. PLI follows the baroque philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, but replaces the robustness and flamboyance of that time with the simplicity and minimalism of the scenic design.

Concept, choreography and interpretation: Viktor Černický

Dramaturgy:  Lukáš Karásek

Lighting design: Zuzana Režná

Scenography : Drahomír Stulír


In 2019, PLI's production won the Main Award of the Czech Dance Platform and the Audience Award and was presented as part of the prestigious dance show Aerowaves Spring Forward  2020 in Rijeka, Slovenia.

PLI_New Baltic Dance_2.jpg

Viktor Černický   graduated from the studio of the Physical Theater in Brno. His works, often built from the search for a relationship between the subjective body of the performer and the object, develop into boundary forms on the border between dance, physical theatre, contemporary clowning and circus. As a performer, he collaborated with, for example, Jaro Viňarský, Dominique Boivin, Daniel Gulek, Miřenka Čechová or Cie Mossoux - Bonté. As a solo creator, he presented the performances PLI (2018) and PAROLAPOLEA (2016), with which he received a nomination at the Czech Dance Platform 2017 in the categories Dancer of the Year and Dance Production of the Year. He was also awarded a special prize in the form of participation in the Choreographic Research Week in Bassano del Grappa.

PLI_New Baltic Dance.jpg
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