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Recycling in motion is about free inspiration from the magical world of coaching aimed at self-development and their integration into contemporary dance training. For dance, they provide the possibility to work with the continuity of movement, relaxation and tension in a new way, but last but not least, they allow us to model the image of an endless, emerging and disappearing bodily manifestation. Man as a pendulum, as a researcher, as a desire that does not stop, as a fragile mass and at the same time still safe.

The workshop is intended for both dancers and dance enthusiasts as well as anyone who has experience with movement. It is great for professional dancers, students of dance schools, but also for anyone who processes a lot of pressure in the work process. This is a lot of tension these days,   great to be able to process not only in the head, but also with the body. The workshop deals with processing pressure for performance in movement, working with energy. The goal is to help participants stay efficient and accurate and not spend more than necessary. You will also be expected to work with tension and efficiency.


"For a long time, I have been engaged in creative research on the dialogue between dance and functional movement. I am inspired by examples of different physicality, not only the one that I come to as a dancer through the techniques of contemporary dance. I am interested in what functional movement offers in the process of composing choreography, and at the same time I am researching self-maintenance techniques, ways dealing with energy, effort and work with a concrete physical experience as a starting point for the creation of dance material."

Lukáš Bobalík

The workshop will take place in the Jogista studio, which you can find in Dolní Vítkovice -  above the Etáž bar, opposite the Cokafe cafe on the 2nd floor.

The best way to get there is by tram to the Důl Hlubina stop, on foot over the footbridge at Nová Karolina, or by car to the parking lot on Vítkovická Street.

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