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April 26
Triple hall

All My Skirts_Ariadna Vendelova (SK) (2).jpg

 Please read the current measures for cultural events before attending the performance. You can find them  here . Thank you and we look forward to seeing you safely. 

In this solo new circus performance by the top Slovak acrobat Ariadna Vendelová, the acrobatic scarf symbolizes the architecture of the life of a person-woman-mother, who is looking for her  balance in life.

"All My Skirts is an analysis of the balancing and floating body in time and space. Bodies that remember and forget, relive, dream, and wake up after hundreds of days burdened with personal identities. They are days that last forever and years that flow like water. Lives of mothers, unheard voices of women, invisible bodies. The compromises we make to survive. Ultimate self-knowledge, memories, rituals of today. What is left of me?'

All My Skirts_Ariadna Vendelova (SK) (3).jpg

Concept, choreography and interpretation: Ariadna Vendelová (SK)

Supervision and dramaturgical assistance:  Fred Deb' (FR)

Music: Ivana Mer (SK), Braňo Janitor Findrík (SK)

Lighting design: Róbert Farkaš (SK)

Sound design: Braňo Janitor Findrík (SK)

Photo : Diana Dobrescu (SK)

Production: Ariadnina Niť, Tabačka Kulturfabrik


The project was created thanks to the financial support of the City of Košice and K13 - Košice Cultural Center. The residential project was supported by: Tabačka Kulturfabrik (SK); KD Mlejn (Czech Republic); LRDA – Les Rencontres de Danse Aérienne (FR); Fuga – Cultural Center Kresťanov (SK)

All My Skirts_Ariadna Vendelova (5).jpg

Ariadna Vendelová (SK) is an internationally active aerial acrobat, choreographer and lecturer from Košice, where she leads the new circus troupe Lalyra, the studio Lalyra Academy and the artistic community platform Ariadna Niť.

It focuses on movement and choreographic research within the framework of new circus and aerial dance on a scarf and circle, with an overlap to experimental movement installations and site-specific performances. Her work touches on the theme of the body in time and space, with its creative and metaphysical potential, and human, feminine and environmental themes. Her approach to aerial dance is deeply influenced by nature, yoga and dance improvisation, as well as the experience of motherhood, feminism  and art 's geographical isolation .

He creates and collaborates on projects at home and abroad. She presented several original performances (Inner Spaces (2021), All My Skirts (2019/2020), In the Wind (2019), Birds (2018)), released a short dance film 'A few decades of dying' (2021), performed in Sorry Gold at Dublin FringeFest 2020 with Emily Aoibheann, with whom she also founded and runs the featival Cat's Paw Experimental Aerial Dance Meeting. She worked with the Theater Na peróne, the French ensemble Lá Hors De, and has a long-term collaboration with the established French artist, choreographer and acrobat Fred Deb's, with whom she collaborated on the performance All My Skirts. She led workshops in studios and at festivals in Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and France. She was a finalist in several international competitions (USA, PL, HU).

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