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Tereza Cigánková

How did I get to learn?

I would say that learning in the MOVE Dance Studio was the result of my various dance and pedagogical activities, much of which was connected with the MOVE project. When I got the confidence and could take the lessons after Jana Ryšlava, I was really happy. Until then, I taught (and still teach) dance at the elementary art school, occasionally participated in dance projects and generally dealt with dance events (not only) in Ostrava and its surroundings. I gain experience continuously in a number of courses and intensive training camps, because there is still something to learn. Although I have been in favor of different styles since childhood, contemporary and modern dance has always prevailed in me, especially because of its consideration for the body and the freedom it offers. Recently, I am also interested in the health aspect of dance and its beneficial effect on the overall condition of a person, which I try to bring to my lessons.


What do I enjoy most about leading lessons?


I enjoy anything connected with dance, I like to create and then share it with others. In lessons, I like to watch people without dance experience (but also the more advanced ones) get acquainted with movement, and from the first one: "I can never do this!" after a while of testing, they get to: "I really gave it!". I also enjoy introducing people to movement - movement that can be both healthy and beautiful, can open up new possibilities for them, allow them to discover their own body, raise their self-confidence, change their view of the world, help with pain. Nowadays, it is not so common for people to concentrate for a moment on the movement itself and how their body works. At the same time, it is a fundamental thing, and I believe that it is still important today, although often underestimated. Dancing in itself is simply a beautiful thing, and I even prefer to combine it with beautiful music. This is then the pleasure for us all in body and spirit :)

When I'm not teaching, then ...

When I'm not teaching, I do dance in theory, I try to keep track. I write and translate texts and reviews of dance performances, interviews with dancers, etc. for various media. In general, however, I divide my time between dance and languages, so you can most often find me at a computer or in a language classroom.

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