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Spring workshops of Acropartnering through the eyes of Ladislava Maníčková

Acro partnering is such an amazing thing where acrobatics, acroyoga, contemporary dance and contact improvisation come together. Just brilliant concepts. In practice, for me personally, it was also another cultivated recognition of myself in the reflection of my partner,... a mirror of energy, emotions, moods, prejudices, dissatisfaction with myself, with my imperfection... But mainly about accepting myself, in the circle of wonderful people in new unique situations ♡

Sometimes the imaginary fear that we want to defeat so much, it is enough to accept, acknowledge and surrender to the present moment fully, concentrated..

Sometimes those ghosts in us spoil a big part of the progress, but it's still great that they even revealed themselves, made themselves known..

Well, it's hard to talk about it if you haven't experienced it, thank you that I was also able to taste something great and I'm very happy that it even got here, thank you to everyone who is responsible for it ♡

PHOTO from the acropartnering Workshop on March 25 at the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, Kamil Hauptmann

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