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Nothing else Matter in Studio G through the eyes of performer Daniel Raček

Despite the fact that I have been going to Ostrava for many years and I feel that the audience in Ostrava appreciates our/my work, this time I was worried about the reaction.

Why? In dance, in movement, I feel like a fish in water, but the text is something that I am still discovering and I am very attracted to it. But at the same time, for me, it is very fragile and vulnerable and not so easy to grasp. In the last project, Nothing else matters, there is no limit to the text. It brings uncertainty to my body and different muscle tone. It's a thrill, it's a risk. It may or may not succeed.

Anka and I have known each other for many years and it is fun to work with her. She likes to try the untested and when she has her dose of good coffee she is unstoppable :) Hahaha, that's very inspiring. And as we both say, we like to steal from each other. Of course, each in his own way. And then fun is guaranteed. Martin is a great observer. He probably remembered everything we said and did and then just wanted us to repeat it. I don't even know how it got there, but we started talking about our own life experiences. Something that stuck in our memory and became important for some reason. nothing else matters.

It was pleasant and very encouraging when the audience reacted to what was happening on stage immediately and did not save their reactions for later.

And I have to say this, Studio G was made for us. Atypical but left a lot of privacy and security for us. Great team, great audience, great organizers. I can't wait to come to Ostrava again with something new. Thank you!

Photo: Kamil Hauptmann

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