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Jana Ryšlavá after MOVE Fest 2023: "Thank you! I am happy and grateful for 10 years together in motion."

Dear friends of dance and motion,

10th anniversary MOVE Fest Ostrava is behind us and I sit above these lines with joy and gratitude to express my thanks for the time spent together.

I am extremely happy that this year MOVE Fest expanded to other locations and we could really embrace Ostrava with (e)motion! The festival has been more than just an event for us for 10 years - it's a journey on which we go further and further every year to show that Ostrava is not just a city, but a living organism full of creativity, talent and passion.

I was even more pleased that this year many guest artists had the opportunity to stay at the festival for a few days and experience more of what MOVE Fest and Ostrava has to offer. The performers and creators boasted that they could meet with other guests and viewers, share experiences and discover the beauty of Ostrava. I am very happy that thanks to the festival, Czech and foreign visitors have been able to experience that Ostrava has really stepped out of its shadow and stereotype.

But none of this would be possible without the efforts and support of many organizations, groups and individuals! And that's why I want to express my sincere thanks to all the coming artists, festival guests, partners, friendly institutions and the MOVE Fest team. Thanks to your commitment, focus and care for even the smallest details, we created an unforgettable experience together again this year. I am grateful that MOVE Ostrava has you and I appreciate that you are on the way to transform Ostrava with us. Thank you!

And final thanks belongs to you - our invaluable viewers! Thank you for the energy you give to performers and organizers. Your support fills us with gratitude and motivation. I look forward to seeing you in motion not only at the next MOVE Fest, but also during the entire 2023/2024 season, which will bring a lot of beautiful moving experiences.

With thanks and love, Jana


Video: Petr Rehanek

Photo: Kamil Hauptmann

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