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Dozens of spectators experienced 'Zátěž bez tíže' in the revitalized FUTUREU

It's been a month since Finnish performer and creator Ilona Jäntti brought together 8 selected performers through an open call, assistant director Šárka Bočková, the unique genius loci of Dolní Vítkovice, and in 5 days crafted a breathtaking site-specific project called 'Zátěž bez tíže' from this combination. Today, we bring you a little retrospective - for the eyes and the ears 😉.


If you are our loyal fans, you surely know the principle of a site-specific performance. For newcomers, let us explain that it is a production tailored to a specific location within a relatively short period (in our case 5 days) and usually involves a group of performers who have not collaborated before and only perform together within the framework of this project. The resulting performance is then presented in a very limited number of performances, sometimes even just once!

The invitation to create a site-specific project for the 10th edition of MOVE Fest was accepted by Finnish performer and director Ilona Jäntti, who enlisted the assistance of Šárka Bočková, a graduate of the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava. Through an open call, the creators selected 7 women and 1 man, and on September 29, 2023, they entered the unexplored space of FUTUREUM in Dolní Vítkovice for the first time. Together, they spent 5 days (almost 5 nights) shaping an outcome that breathed life into the mining and industrial heritage of Ostrava, offering a fresh and creative perspective that leaves one in awe. 👀

Following a week of intensive rehearsals in the former coal tippler and mill building, the public dress rehearsal, premiere, and two performances of "Weight without Gravity" took place. Only a "mere" dozens of festival attendees experienced it firsthand. They took away a powerful experience from this unique combination of industrial surroundings, nouveau-circus choreography, and the daring performances of the artists. If you missed it or want to relive this beauty, here's a brief look back from the lens of Petr Rehanek ⤵️


"Burden without weight" became the third collaborative site-specific project of Ilona Jäntti and Šárka Bočková. Both ladies share a passion for aesthetics and details, emphasizing the complexity of unforgettable movement scenes, which was reflected at every step in FUTUREUM.

How did Ilona experience creating in Ostrava? What inspires her most about new locations for site-specific projects? And how did she get into the new circus in the first place? 🎧 Listen to Episode 18 of MOVECast, where Anna Bangoura interviews the director: #18 Finnish acrobat Ilona Jäntti loves the contrast of site-specific locations and the human body ▶️"



Being part of the site-specific project within MOVE Fest was enriching, in every sense. In all honesty, my initial assumptions were somewhat skeptical, thinking that, as an element from aerial acrobatics with a circus background, I might not fit in with the dance majority of our group. However, right from the start, Ilona and Šárka created an atmosphere that made me feel like we've known each other for years. At the same time, they found positions for all of us where we could each showcase our own art.

For both us and the directors, the spaces were completely new and untouched, so the first few days involved both guided and improvised exploration of the area. This part was the most appealing to me - one can let their imagination work to the fullest.

We had a total of 4 performances. One public dress rehearsal and then three official shows. The biggest challenge was working with people and subtly guiding them through the space. In not all parts of the Futureum could people stand in one cohesive group, as they are accustomed to in other performances. It was necessary to spread them out so that each viewer could see what we wanted to convey to them through movement, acrobatics, lights, and choreography. It was a task especially for us because the viewer found themselves in the spaces where we performed for the first time. And, I think, thanks to the dress rehearsal, we always succeeded. With each reprisal, I dare say we were better and more natural guides through the space without words.


Participating in the rehearsals for the 'Weight Without Burden' project led by Ilona and Šárka gave me the opportunity to get to know new acrobats and dancers and collaborate with them, which was a very enriching experience for me.

The underground spaces where we rehearsed were in many ways constraining, as the project's content had to adapt a lot to the space, but finding out what is and isn't possible proved to be an interesting research in itself.

The workshops that took place throughout the festival were absolutely great. They greatly expanded my movement practice, and although they were mostly dance-focused, the principles from them can also be applied to object work – in my case, with a rope. Now, I really enjoy incorporating a more 'dance approach' into my work.

Last but not least, I had the opportunity to get to know Ostrava thoroughly, where I was for the first time, as the festival program took place in various locations around the city. After ten days, I started to feel like a local 🤗."



Koncept a umělecké vedení projektu: Ilona Jäntti, Šárka Bočková

Performeři: Viktorie Szalóczi, Markéta Schacherlová, Bára Beinhauerová, Monika Spáčilová, Lucie Mičková Kovářová, Jakub Baloun, Alena Dvorská, Adéla Jordáková

Hudba: AGF/Antye Greie - Ripatii

Produkce: Tereza Hyklová

Technické zajištění: Pavel Vitt

Fotograf: Kamil Hauptmann

Autor videa: Petr Rehanek

Vznik projektu podpořili: Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Statutární město Ostrava v rámci projektu FAJRONT!, FUTUREUM

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