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Thank you, Vali and Bára, for our year in motion ❤︎

Today, we would like to thank to our first interns - Valentýna and Bára. With heavy hearts, we now bid farewell (professionally) and sincerely thank you for the shared year in motion. A year filled not only with work challenges but also with unforgettable experiences and mutual learning. Thank you for your energy, dedication, and contribution not only to the Ostrava movement scene.

Vali and Bára, as MOVE interns, participated not only in team meetings and planning but also took care of managing individual projects. Their enthusiastic approach and eagerness to learn something new fascinated us and fueled us with their youthful energy throughout the year. We believe that the collaboration with MOVE Ostrava was also a great benefit and a valuable experience for the interns on their personal and professional journey.

"Vali and Bára, we wish you many more unforgettable experiences in motion, where we will surely meet again. We believe that your talent and passion will lead you to success in the creative scene, no matter which field you choose 😉 Even after the end of your internship, you remain an important part of our community, and rest assured, we will continue to watch and support you 🖤 Your successes will always be a source of joy and pride for us.

Thank you for your time, energy, and passion that you brought to our team. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and to have created such beautiful memories together."

And how do Valentýna and Bára see the past year?

Would you like to become interns at MOVE Ostrava too? Write to us at, and we believe that together we will find a way to fulfill your wish to get involved in the events of the Ostrava cultural scene.

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