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Lucie Mičková Kovářová

How did I get to learn?

Thanks to my professor from the conservatory and my current boss Jana Ryšlavá, I got into hanging acrobatics on scarves. My first training workshop was with Cirk la Putyka. Hanging acrobatics got me so much that I started to learn in this field where possible. I went through the workshops at the Circus a little differently and Cie Pieds Perchés, I also regularly visit the Prague Cirqueon. I love traveling and always gain new inspiration with him in the given locality. I have practiced yoga in Sri Lanka, Lombok and Bali. In the summer I attended workshops in Amsterdam.


What do I enjoy most about leading lessons?

I enjoy watching the incredible progress, when the unimaginable activity becomes normal and self-evident. I enjoy when my clients are so happy with the element they have achieved that they applaud the lesson, sincerely support each other and always radiate incredible energy. I can only confirm that we are mutual motivation and inspiration. It's really my dream job.

When I'm not teaching, then ...

When I'm not teaching in the Move studio, I try to pass on my skills elsewhere. For example, we organize a weekend training camp on scarves in the Beskydy Mountains. You can find these events on the website . When I'm not moving, which is not very often, I have a camera in my hand and I prefer to take pictures of weddings. Among other things, I also cooperate with the leisure center and organize prevention for primary school children, suburban camps and similar events.

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