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Jana Ryšlavá

How did I get to learn?

I started my regular yoga practice while studying at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Salzburg, where it was a necessary evil and a compulsory subject for me. After a year of practice with great educators like Sri Luise Zoe Knights and others, yoga has become so etched under my skin that the compulsory subject has become a lifelong love and an integral part of my daily movement practice.


What do I enjoy most about leading lessons?

I absolutely love the transformation when at the beginning of the lesson we sit on the mats with a buzzing head full of work and at the end of the lesson we leave the mats sitting more in the body and by ourselves. I enjoy discovering new possibilities of my body and head and I like to share it with others.

When I'm not teaching, then ...

… I am usually also in motion, for example with rugs in the performance Carpet diem, or with Jindra Panský we teach AcroPartnering or I am preparing another movement for you at MOVE Ostrava. In other cases, you will find me in the mountains or diligently practicing hygge in a chair with a book and completely non-gothic with white wine.

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