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  • In addition to regular lessons, we also prepare one-off workshops for you. These are usually held on weekends and are dedicated to a specific genre, dance or sport. It is usually acro-yoga, hanging acrobatics, funky fusion or gaga.

  • Another way to move is to move intensives . We organize them every quarter of the year and they are full of a selection of the best lessons from the best lecturers. It is then up to you which lesson you choose. The closest is Move Summer Intensive, which awaits us in the first week of August.



A weekend full of acrojoga and pair acrobatics with Marek Petráček - a long-time certified lecturer in Prague and Jana Šálková - a Brno lecturer and performer from Joyful AcroYoga.

The individual blocks of the acro yoga weekend follow each other smoothly and develop the acquired skills. During the weekend, we will explore non-traditional transitions and reclining and standing positions, while also going through proven principles and techniques for training technical elements such as foot to hand and hand to hand.

Friday is intended for beginners, the rest of the weekend is slightly advanced.

Prerequisites for Saturday and Sunday are "star", "shoulderstand" and "handstand".

Time schedule and price:
Friday 18: 00-21: 00
Price 450 CZK adult / 350 CZK student

Saturday 10: 00-12: 30 and 14: 30-17: 00
Sunday 10:00 - 12:30

The price for Saturday and Sunday is 1400 CZK adult / 1200 CZK student

Send applications to
Please pay the payment after confirming your application to account 2001698227/2010.


Friday - Beginners (+ intermediate) 18: 00-21: 00

Price 450 CZK adult / 350 CZK student

We will start the program with a block for beginners. Here you will try basic acrology positions lying down and standing. We also recommend participation to the slightly advanced, because they will prepare well for the rest of the workshops - we will also show more difficult variants of basic positions.

Saturday morning - 10:00 - 12:30

Stands, F2H and H2H (how to train from the beginning)

Learning hand to hand is a frequent goal of acrobats, and in this block we will introduce you to how to train them safely and gradually from the beginning. At the beginning, you will be drilled for handstands and then the acrobatic practice itself. We will go through the theory of grips and a series of progressions leading gradually to hand to hand - so we have a lot of technique and practice ahead of us.

Saturday afternoon - 14:30 - 17:00

Popy and L-basing flow

After lunch we will look at basic and harder pop. Next, we will teach short sequences in L-bassing, where you will learn to connect elements and move smoothly between positions. Fun and creativity will motivate this block! :)

Sunday morning - 10:00 - 12:30 Standing acro flow

On Sunday, we have prepared for you interesting dynamic ascents and ascents in standing acre, ie various lifts and short connections between positions. It will be mainly about common tempo and timing - if you manage, you will find elegance.

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